We here at CALIWINK have several products on our belt, but our main item that sprouted our company is the CALIWINK brand eyelash.  We hold a variety of styles that you can fit to your look, with or without makeup. Our lashes were inspired by the beautiful weather here in San Diego, CA!  Just to name a few, we have our Dramatic Sunset inspired by those beautiful nights at the beach, our best seller Sunny Cali was inspired by the warm and sunny weather we have throughout the year, and the Perfect 72 inspired by days at just the right temperature, 72 degrees.  They are known for their luxurious feel and durability as well as the fact they are made with REAL Mink hair.  Cruelty free Mink hair!  Let me explain:  Once the Mink shed their hair, the hair is collected and put through a cleaning process.  Later the hair is used to create the styles imagined by our team.  Uh, Guilt free!  Table for 'All'!  In this blog we are going to tell you proper steps in order to apply your CALIWINK eyelashes and tips on proper are to get the most out of them


What you will need:

  • CALIWINK Mink Eyelashes
  • CALIWINK Hypoallergenic Lash Glue
  • Lash tweezer applicator
  • Spoolie
  • Scissors 

Application Steps:

  1.   Carefully remove Mink eyelash from the case and compare/measure the length of the Mink eyelash strip to the length of your eye line.  (Be sure to do this for each eye lid).
  2.   Using scissors, trim the Mink lashes to a suitable length that will fit your eye lines comfortably.
  3.   Apply our CALIWINK lash glue along the strip of the Mink lashes.
  4.   Carefully set the glued lash along the roots of your eyelashes, gently pressing the Mink lashes against your own until in place.
  5.   Use spoolie to brush eyelashes for touch-up.
  6.   Don't just wink... CALIWINK.   


  1.  Using your finger tips, carefully remove eyelashes by gently peeling from one end of your eye line to the other.
  2.  Carefully rub off any excess glue left over.
  3.   If there is makeup on your lashes, soak two cotton pads in oil free makeup remover and gently press or pat the lashes.  *Note: You can also use q-tips and your spoolie to get in between the lash hairs*.
  4.  To dry them, you can use a dry pad or q-tip doing the same motion.
  5.  Brush lashes again with a dry spoolie and place back in the lash box to maintain their shape.  

      *With this proper care your lashes should last 20 wears or more.

    In this blog you have learned about the quality of our lashes, the proper application, and care.  We at CALIWINK are committed to providing our customers quality high end products on top of excellent customer service.  With all of that said, take a look through our catalog and find that sultry pair of sun rays that call out to you.  Don't just wink... CALiWINK.