The existence of Caliwink is far beyond making profit.  The majority of our earnings, is solely for the purpose of helping those who are struggling to provide food.  We exist to help the hungry in Chiapas, Mexico.  We understand how important and essential a warm meal can be, and our goal is to make sure the families, men, woman, and children can go to sleep with full bellies and hope for the next day.  We do not aim to only help provide nourishment, but to give hope these families. 


 We are proud to use our platform to give back to our people.  We recently raised a total of $600 to help with treatment costs for a cancer patient in Texas.  This was possible thanks to you, and our amazing supporters. 


What does Caliwink stand for?  What are our core values?  Family: What started this business.  The love we have for our parents and children sparked the creation of Caliwink.  The love and care we have for one another gives us the drive to do more for the ones we love.  To work harder, think smarter, and express our love, and respect for one another.  Unity: Together we can, and we will.  We believe in our team.  We treat each other with respect and open our arms to those that have a common vision.  Though we may have different goals for ourselves we work together to help each other reach our goals.  Working in harmony, to achieve anything we set our minds to.  Hope:feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  We have hope, that our ventures will bring joy and warmth to our customers, to our pr's, our families, and everyone in need of a helping hand.